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Highest Pokies Wins in Aussie History

  • Written by Anna Melnikova

There is no documented date when slot machines in Australia were referred to as 'pokies,' but it is true that it is the standard term used to refer to video slots. According to statistics, more than 80% of Australian adults participate in one or more forms of gambling and pokies are the most popular games.

According to an online survey done by the expert review site Truebluecasinos, Australians enjoy everything from mobile pokies to classic pokies, 3D pokies, and Video pokies to the best Roblox games. - It’s clear that playing pokies is regarded as a culture rather than a pastime, as it once was says Gavin Harper, Casino Blogger at

- As the number of online casinos has grown, so have the winnings. There have been several massive jackpots won by various people in Australia, so it is a win-win situation for everyone, not just the operators, he says. 

Gavin Harper is referring to a type of slot machine known as "progressive jackpot games." In a progressive game, rather than having a fixed maximum win, the jackpot grows in size as more bets are placed. They are designed to grow to the point where a single lucky hit can turn a regular gambler into a millionaire.

Here are some of Australia's biggest pokies wins in history:

1. The Rumoured Arabian Nights Jackpot Winner of AUD 6.9 Million

It is termed as ‘rumoured’ because it wasn’t exactly confirmed. It is the trend that many jackpot winners prefer to remain anonymous and so the win couldn’t be attached to anyone. The media has also decided not to report some big wins. All these do not change the fact that there were reports that someone did win the Arabian Nights jackpot slot. To be truthful, the slot’s graphics are quite outdated given how old it is, it features some massive jackpots that can be won by anybody. The rumoured winner won about AUD 6.9 Million.

2. Megabucks of AUD 350,000

Bear in mind that slots in land-based casinos do not pay as much as online casinos so that implies that the biggest wins happened online. However, this particular jackpot win happened at a land-based casino; Coffs Harbour casino. This win was won on the Megabucks progressive jackpot slot machine. Though the jackpot for Megabucks starts from AUD 500,000, for this player, he/she got less than that. The exact details of how that happened and what transpired between the casino and the player are left to our imagination.

3. The Dark Knight Slot of AUD 10 Million

This is another instance of an Australian jackpot winner that chose to remain anonymous. This gambling enthusiast won a whopping sum of AUD 10 Million on one of the best slots from Microgaming; Dark Knight Slot. Reports say that this winner is just one out of many winners from the Dark Knight Slot. This particular gambler won in 2016. There was another winner in 2013 but that one was about AUD 3.36 Million. Sadly, this beautiful slot has been removed from the Microgaming collection of games.

4. The Mega Moolah Slot of AUD 943,971

The Mega Moolah is another slot from Microgaming that’s known for progressive jackpots all around the world. The lucky gambler for this win won close to a Million in one day in May 2013. A player from Germany won 7 times of this amount from this same Mega Moolah slot machine.

Aside from winning progressive jackpot slots in Australia, one sweeter thing is that gamblers’ winnings in Australia are not taxed. The stated reason for this is that, first of all, gambling is considered a recreational activity or a hobby rather than a profession. The government taxes the operators and they see revenue from gambling as a stroke of good luck rather than an income.

5. Cash Bandits3 Win of $79,004.98

If you thought big wins were a thing of the past, you should look at Ozwin casino, which has had two recent big wins. The first of $65,000 was won by a Victorian resident on Diamond Fiesta, and the second of $79,000  was won by a Tasmanian resident on Cash Bandits3. Given the game's theme of robbing a bank vault, the winner correctly concluded that he felt as if he had just robbed the casino.

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