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Does Gambling Online Overtake Land-Based Operations?

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Online gambling started to gain momentum in the last decade. For decades physical casinos have been the go-to for casino players. However, many online gambling sites have been established in the past few years and they are very popular in many countries. Online gambling is overtaking land-based operations because it provides customers with comfort. Customers are able to interact with the dealers, compete against players, and watch live video feeds of the tables while in their homes.

Some factors that have enabled online gambling to overtake land-based operations include;

Digital currencies

Online gambling platforms like provide customers with many benefits and thrive in the process. Online casinos operate using digital currency such as e-wallets and cryptocurrencies. Online gambling platforms will link credit cards to their payment systems and convert payments into artificial currency or digital coins. This enables the customers to distance themselves from their real money.

This will in turn make them feel like they are spending less of their real money to play slot games, tables, and card games on online gambling platforms. This will encourage customers to spend more money on online gambling platforms than what they normally would in land-based casinos as they don’t feel directly linked to their spending process. This enables online casinos to make more profits than land-based casinos. If more people are spending more time and money on online platforms, then land-based operations will be overtaken.

Many clients are benefiting from online gambling through bonuses, deals, and promotions. Customers are able to enjoy great deals while saving money. Online casinos are attracting a lot of new players in the younger generation group. The online gambling industry is becoming more lucrative every single day.

Virtual Reality

Many online players prefer to play on online platforms to obtain that sense of realism. Many casinos have incorporated virtual reality games and many people who were not interested in online games have started participating.


Many online casino platforms have been protected by SSL encryption which protects the personal information of clients from falling into the wrong hands. Online gambling platforms have protected user’s data. Gamblers are now able to access online gambling platforms like with confidence that their private data will be kept safe.


Many online gambling platforms have incorporated many incentives such as bonuses, free spins, free games, and other attractive offers. These incentives have increased the number of online players. The more online gamblers spend their time and money on online gambling sites, the less time they spend on land-based gambling platforms.

The many advantages of online gambling sites have made them overtake land-based operations. Online gambling continues to balloon every single day and may become bigger than land-based gambling in the future.

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