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Traveling to Oz? Here's How to Feel, Taste and Hear the Genuine Aussie Vibe

  • Written by Lilly Miller

Australia is all about that local experience, even though there are many tourist hotspots about and plenty of name brand hotels for you to choose from. If you’re a traveller looking to see and live out the great Down Under for all it’s worth, though, then ditching the “tourist” designation and assuming the moniker of a traveller is the best thing you can do for your heart and soul – and your taste buds too. The Land Down Under is a vast country teeming with adventure and excitement, and it’s a true haven for all types of travellers, foodies included.

To get your local Aussie experience, though, you will need to research the most exciting natural gems, get in touch with friendly locals who are willing to share their couch, and explore the hidden nooks and crannies of every breathtaking urban wonder, among other things. And you guessed it, that’s exactly what we’ll be doing today. Here’s how you can feel, taste, and hear the genuine Aussie vibe.

Join the backpacking culture

You might have not been aware of it, but Australia is a true haven for backpackers. This is one of the most beloved travel methods for younger locals, and more and more people are joining in on the backpacking craze with each passing year, simply because of how well-connected everything is. It’s easy to get from one point of the country to the other via any number of transportation methods, and the availability of backpacker-friendly hostels and local stays make it that much easier for a backpacker to get settled here.

With nothing more than a large backpack to hold your travel necessities, you will be free to travel unencumbered through all urban hotspots, and even reach the popular countryside and outback destinations without lugging a huge suitcase with you. Even if you’re not ready to try out the backpacker lifestyle, there is no reason why you wouldn’t look for those truly local experiences while here.

Taste the best dishes in the land

When people talk of global cuisine, Australia doesn’t come to mind very often. Except when someone boasts about eating a kangaroo that one time, which is often followed by a lot of unpleasant silence and a few gasps of disbelief if you’re not a local. But aside from eating wallabies on occasion, Aussies have some truly amazing dishes to be proud of, and it is your duty as a curious traveller to explore and taste the culinary wonders of the land.

One of the first local “surprises” you’re bound to encounter at the store is, get ready, Vegemite. This is one of those popular products people love to hate, but you can’t really know unless you try it yourself! But all kidding aside (you don’t have to try Vegemite), you simply can’t skip some good old Aussie barbecue. You’ll want to taste the famous meat pie as well, and then top it off with a slice of Pavlova. Be wary, though, if you encounter a Kiwi (that’s a New Zealander) while sampling Pavlova, get ready for a lecture on where the cake truly originated!

Marvel at Australian interior and exterior design

Everywhere you look as you’re walking down the busy city streets, and almost every space you enter be it a historic building in The Rocks, or a local’s home, you’re bound to see that distinct Aussie architecture and design. Rich with cultural heritage but unencumbered by outdated designs, the Australian approach to exterior and interior design is vibrant, modern, yet alluringly simple and down-to-earth.

Pay close attention to your surroundings in order to see how Australians create the perfect symbiosis of the old and the new. If you’re staying at a local’s place, notice how they use accent pieces such as modern modular sofas combined with golden or dyed jute rug and other natural elements to create a welcoming setting imbued with elegance and comfort. No matter if you’re at a restaurant, at a popular sightseeing spot, or in someone’s home, take a moment to truly appreciate the beauty and simplicity of Australian design and architecture.

Visit every major urban hotspot

And speaking of architecture, Australia is rich with mesmerising urban gems you simply have to see for yourself. If you’re traveling to the great Down Under, then you’re probably taking an extended vacation, which is the perfect opportunity to hop from one city to the next. So, don’t just stay in Sydney because it’s one of the most famous cities in the world, but utilise one of the many travel options to visit the capital of Canberra, vivid Melbourne, family-friendly Perth, and more.

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, then a grand road trip around Australia is in order. There are many modes of transportation to choose from, ranging from trains and buses, all the way to rentals and carpooling. Whichever option you go for, be sure to allocate enough of your time to explore every urban hotspot and soak in the vibrant culture that thrives within.

Skip the hotels and stay with a local

While you’re exploring the cities and towns across the map, be sure to skip the popular hotel brands and either stay with a local or choose a nice hostel. Sure, you could book a luxurious suite overlooking the Sydney Opera House, but is that truly the way to experience the local culture? Remember, the friendly Aussies can help you discover what being an Australian is all about.

Let your host take you around and share the stories of their favourite neighbourhoods, their favourite corner-side café where they like to enjoy a nice cup of hot coffee in the morning, and their favourite eateries. When the time comes to part ways, you will have made new friends and memories that will last a lifetime.

Explore the natural wonders

And of course, you can’t take a grand trip to Australia and not visit some of the most astonishing natural wonders in the world. After all, where’s the fun in not leaving the comfort of the city? Depending on the city or town you’re staying in, you’ll want to organise trips to the neighbouring beaches and coastal walkways, as well as the mountains and hills that travel deep into the countryside. Naturally, you should set aside some time to make a lengthy excursion into the great outback.

Wrapping up

To take a trip to the Land Down Under is to discover a picturesque world that truly looks like something straight out of a fairytale. With a vibrant local lifestyle, and a myriad of natural wonders for you to explore, Australia is the place you’re bound to fall in love with and come back to in search of another lifelong memory.

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