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Five Ways Big Data Is Helping Businesses Grow and Profits Soar

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Adapting to the changing technological landscape has always been the need of all businesses. Technology is the lynchpin for evolving business practices.

As technology has gained a wider user base, smart devices such as phones, tablets, and laptops have also increased. This development has proved to be a tipping point for ushering in a new age of data.

The internet continues to act as the perfect catalyst for the new era that’s coupled with the exponential rise in users of smart devices, and the data volumes have exploded, leading to a sudden increase in information. The age of big data has begun.

Big data refers to the large uncontrollable, and hard to manage data that can be either structured or unstructured.

It has played an important part in pushing businesses forward. Many BI (Business Intelligence) techniques that deal with limited data frameworks have become obsolete.

Despite that, the advent of big data has opened a treasure trove of information for businesses to leverage.

As such, the companies that made good use of big data experienced exponential growth in their operations revenues.

However, leveraging big data proves to be a challenge for even some blue-chip companies.

Companies must maintain a network of professionals who handle big data. Data scientists fit the bill here perfectly.

Data is a doorway for companies to understand their clients, and data scientists are the key to unlocking that doorway.

It has led to data scientists becoming increasingly important for businesses. A degree in data science has gained special importance in this accord.

Consequently, many aspiring business professionals are actively pursuing a degree in data science.

Some are generously investing in practical programs that include successful steps to become a data scientist, while others are keen on acquiring as much experience in the industry as possible.

Until now, many successful businesses have unlocked the potential of big data by closely working with data scientists.

Following are ways in which big data has helped businesses thrive in the modern landscape.

  1. Understanding the Customer Behavior

Understanding the needs and wants of the customers is one of the key requirements of businesses.

It is crucial for driving critical sales and business operations. However, in the modern world, the task of understanding one’s prospects and clients is demanding due to the changing customers’ needs.

One of the key aspects of understanding a customer’s behavior is their motivation for purchasing a service or product. The ideal businesses give a ‘solution’ to the customers’ problems.

Ensuring brand loyalty and a high conversion rate requires quality customer care. Thanks to the collection of big data and analytics, it is possible to evaluate and study the behavior of potential customers.

Big data also allows businesses to relate customer behavior to changing trends. Through a successful understanding of customers, a firm can make decisions accordingly.

  1. Increasing Customer Acquisition and Retention

Companies can deliver value to their prospects by properly understanding the customer.

Identifying customer behavior and motivation to purchase a service or product can allow any business to acquire new customers.

While acquiring new customers is a plus, customer retention remains a challenge for even established firms.

Big data helps organizations retain their customers by actively studying their patterns. It allows the businesses to focus on the beneficial parts of their operations that ensure a high customer retention rate.

A shining example is Netflix which uses big data to analyze users’ searches, preferred genres, and ratings. The company generated worth 1$ billion in revenues from customer retention in 2016.

  1. Improved Business Decisions

From delivering raw materials to providing customer care, big data allows businesses to keep a check on their operations.

As a result, companies can ensure a streamlined flow that provides maximum capacity in terms of performance and revenues.

Thanks to big data, companies have a better understanding of their structure. It allows them to conduct a better SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats).

Such businesses develop efficient risk management strategies and improve their operations to maximize revenues.

Businesses that use big data to strategize make well-informed and customer-driven decisions. It allows massive room for improvement in their operations.

  1. Delivering Better Services/Products

A positive outcome of understanding one’s operations and customer base is being able to deliver smarter services or products.

Businesses can deliver true value to the customers through products that cater to the exact customer needs.

Many businesses have understood that meeting customer needs is not always about revenues through customer data analysis.

Some of the most successful companies have used big data to increase customer satisfaction rates.

Creating personalized services and solutions remains the key to a successful business. It drives exponential sales and income growth for any organization.

Thanks to big data, many firms grasp this concept better than ever.

  1. Business and Income Growth

Big data can save companies a lot of money. Whether through customer retention, removal of flaws in operations, or cutting the extra costs, big data helps tremendously.

Big data has also allowed businesses to shift towards more reliable and time-saving methods.

Through a better understanding of their operations, companies can eliminate needless redundancies. It has given companies more time to strategize and plan their growth.

Big data has enabled firms to develop a better business model to suit the customers’ needs and save time and money. Businesses have tripled their income streams and experienced an attractive ROI (return on investment).


Businesses need to constantly adapt and change their business models to meet customer needs in the modern world.

Big data has enabled businesses to grow and shoot their revenues through better optimization and SWOT analysis.

However, the utilization of endless data streams is not possible without including professionals such as data scientists.

For the successful growth of income and business, firms need to plan, set goals, and work efficiently with data scientists.

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