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XVenture introduces new benchmark in remote team learning

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XVenture, leaders in the creation and delivery of cutting-edge learning and development programs, have created a world-first, completely virtual team mind-training solution for building adaptability and collaboration.

The initiative - ‘XVenture Mind Games - Staying Connected’ - is an evolution of XVenture’s successful Mind Games program, created by Mike Conway, XVenture’s Founder, and Emotional Agility and Mind Coach to elite sports teams and individuals. The new virtual program was built over an intensive two-week period as the XVenture team, like many other businesses, had to rethink their business services due to new physical distancing laws.

One of the biggest challenges organisations have always faced is the ability to provide opportunities for their staff to develop emotional agility and resilience. This is especially difficult now, due to the new restrictions we are now facing as a society and the fact many businesses have had to adapt to the new-normal of a remote workforce.

We’ve taken on this new challenge and, have not only created a fun, engaging and fast-track solution to develop these attributes, but one that can be accessed entirely online,” says Mike.

Mind Games - Staying Connected is described as ‘neuroscience meets behavioural science meets experiential learning and total immersion,’ and provides the perfect platform for individual and team growth. Against the clock, in real time and in competition with other teams, participants meet in XVenture’s virtual world and complete as many challenges as possible in 60 minutes.

Teams will find themselves in unique virtual environments, solving real time puzzles to crack codes, all the while keeping focused and blocking out distractions. In true XVenture style, team challenges are original, unique and designed to test and develop every aspect of individual and collective emotional agility, resilience, team cohesion and leadership (EARL).

The first to trial this exciting new program were participants from the UOW Tottenham Hotspur Global Football Program (GFP). This session included 15 players plus coaching staff and the GFP Program Manager, Sheppard.

XVenture Mind Games – Staying Connected was a brilliant way for our group to come together in a unique environment during these unique times,” said Matt.

Given the nature of the group we have, everyone is competitive, and this gave us a chance to compete in a way we hadn’t done before. The platform was clean and smooth and was intuitive to move around. The challenges were innovative and made us use parts of our brain that clearly hadn't been exercised for a while! A great experience that was enjoyed by the whole group.”

All participants in the trial were in self isolation, working remotely but also virtually. Split into four teams, they were given 60 minutes to solve as many high-quality, multi-media activities in the virtual world as possible.

And it’s not just sports team that can benefit from taking part in XVenture Mind Games - Staying Connected. This program can be used to develop team skills in a corporate or educational environment, especially with most universities moving to online learning and businesses having their employees work remotely due to due COVID-19.

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XVenture are experts and innovators in the team, leadership and personal development space, with a track record that has taken them around the globe. Their work has been seen from the largest to smallest screen, and includes the creation of the successful TV series ‘XVenture Corporate Challenge’ and ‘XVenture Family Challenge’’. XVenture’s tailored multi-media and experientially-based neuro-behavioural programs are hugely successful in elite business, entertainment, education and elite sport. XVenture’s current work includes emotional agility and mind coaching for the Australian National Soccer team and three seasons with record-breaking A-League club, Sydney FC.

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