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Food you need to try in Beijing

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Beijing is a beautiful and interesting destination for any kind of traveler. However, foodies will find a new heaven and will be able to try out tasty, flavorful and sometimes very special dishes that bring Chinese food to a new level.

Most of the traditional Chinese food we know was originated in Beijing where chefs tried to create dishes to entertain and fulfill the emperors' requirements. When in Bejing, try not to be picky with food and enjoy the local cuisine, you'll not be disappointed.

Even though it is not a kind of food that suits the taste of everyone, the variety in terms of options and flavor in Beijing's food will not leave you unsatisfied.

Beijing Roast Duck

Trying the famous Beijing Roast Duck or Peking Duck in the city where it was originated is a must. This is not your classic roast duck. Its crispiness, the juiciness of the meet and the flavorful candied skin all explain why is this dish so loved around the world.

Traditionally, it comes served with savory pancakes, cucumbers, sweet bean sauce, and spring onions. You can use the pancakes to create a small "taco" filled with the meat and dip it into the sauce, it is delicious! People flying from Singapore to Beijing like to compare their local Roast Duck to the Beijing style – we think the Beijing version is more tasty!

Jiaozi - The Chinese Dumplings

Another specialty from Beijing is the famous dumplings, called jioazu, which you can typically find in any restaurant. They come in with many flavors and different fillings, depending on your preferences. The meaty ones are the most popular, especially those made of pork. However, vegetarians will find several options as well. The dumplings can be both steamed or fried and they are delicious in both methods, but the steamed version is the most common one. Try to order different versions to try more flavors and dip them in vinegar or the sauces they come with to add extra flavor.

Jianbing - Chinese "Crepe"

Jianbing is a famous kind of street food in Beijing with which many locals start their day. It is a quick and filling dish that consists of a crispy "crepe" filled with eggs, sometimes coriander and spring onions. Even just watching the preparation process can get quite interesting. The meal can be both savory or sweet, even though the typical version always contains eggs.

Zhejiang Mian

Are you craving for some authentic noodles? Then, Zhejiang Mian is definitely for you. It is a simple dish made of wheat noodles, usually served with pork, bean sprouts, cucumbers, and soybean paste. Even if it might not sound very exciting the flavor is enhanced by the cooking method and it is very tasty. The vegetarian version will have tofu instead of pork.

Lv Rou Huo Shao - Donkey Burger

Are you not particularly attracted to the idea of eating a donkey burger? Well, they are a thing in Beijing and locals love them. Once in the city you should at least try them and discover why locals go crazy for them, they do taste very good!

Menggv Huoguo. Bejing Style Lamb Hot Pot

This wintery dish is originally from Mongolia, but it is widely popular in Bejing as well. It consists of a broth boiled in traditional copper pots on charcoal filled with thinly sliced lamb and a variety of vegetables. Just take some food out of the pot and dip it in your favorite sauce! The combination of flavors will surprise you.

This was only a brief list of some of the foods you must try when in Beijing, but there are many others! Make sure not to miss them and to enrich your experience with as many local dishes as you can!

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