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Why Is Filtered Water Better Than Boiled Water?

There is nothing as refreshing as a glass of pure, clean water. The basic need of life is freshwater that does not have an aftertaste and poses no health concern. People who cannot get clean and crisp water resort to buying bottled water, which does not suit everyone’s budget!

Many do not know that you can get the same fresh, crisp, and clean water from Awesome Water Filters rather than spending big bucks on your monthly water consumption. Filtering tap water is possible without and financial or environmental costs.

You might also be unaware that many bottled water brands sell filtered tap water, and you can get it for free at home. The only investment is installing the filter one time, and voila! You will never be deprived of fresh and clean drinking water.

In old times, house runners believed that boiling water would get rid of all the contaminants, but in the process, water lost many minerals too! Here are a few reasons to use filtered water rather than boiled water:

Convenient supply of drinking water

Boiling water means setting a big pot of water for boil and then waiting for it to cool. Filtered water means opening the tap, filling the glass, and enjoying it to quench thirst. We all have time restraints, and it is a waste of valuable hours to wait for the water to boil and cool. A filter is installed right on the tap, and all the water that passes through it is clean! The only time you need to drink clean water with a filter is the amount you spend on opening and closing the tap!

Environmentally friendly 

Bottled water comes in plastic bottles and passes through numerous areas that can heat the plastic and add toxins to the water. Similarly, boiled water may have no germs, but the contaminants remain. On the contrary, filtered water has zero contaminants, and there are few germs. Impurities are nullified in filter water, while the same can stay in boiled water.

Boiled water has mineral deposits

As you boil the water in a pot, there is a chance that the minerals get deposited at the bottom or on the walls of the utensil. As you pour out this water, each drink will be different due to the mineral content of the pot. However, filtered water will give you the same amount of minerals in every glass!

Lesser hassle

Of course, installing a filter next to the tap is less time-consuming and less hassle. There is almost no space consumption and no wastage of energy either. For boiled water, you need to expend a lot of electricity or natural fuel for flame, and then the constant cleaning of the white-marked pots! It is much less painful to switch on a filter and enjoy weeks of pure freshwater.

Filter water is tastier!

Filter water is the pure form of tap water as all the contaminants and impurities are filtered off, and you get clear water for drinking. However, boiling may make the water taste strange. The kind of pot you use, the intensity of the flame, and the time you boil water all play a crucial role in how fresh the water remains! If you heat the water for too long or heat it at a very high flame and it boils for long, the taste of water changes.


Boiled water may have some perks for drinking, but here is a fact that will change how you view filter water: many bottled water brands sell filtered water! You can save the cost of drinking water by installing a tap water filter. We have discussed several benefits of drinking filter water that will change your mind forever.

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