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Fears global investment bank may be on the brink of collapse

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Mandatory isolation periods for Aussies with COVID will end mid-October

Mandatory isolation periods for Australians infected with COVID-19 will end from October14, National Cabinet has ...

Government agencies in the dark about Optus breach, government says

Optus is yet to provide government agencies with information about affected customers following a massive data ...

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US Democrats' gains stall six weeks before midterm elections; UK Labour seizes huge lead after budget

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Catholic women call for wide-ranging church reforms in new international survey

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National Anti-Corruption Commission set for easy birth thanks to Albanese-Dutton accord

Though they’d be the last to admit it, Anthony Albanese and Peter Dutton have more in common than you might expect. They’re both unapologe...

Attorney-General Mark Dreyfus on the National Anti-Corruption Commission

The government has introduced its legislation for the National Anti-Corruption Commission, which has received the endorsement of opposition leader Pet...

Melissa Caddick's foot could have travelled to south coast, expert says

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Floridia left devastated after Hurricane Ian raged across the southwest

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How does the government’s long-awaited anti-corruption bill rate? An integrity expert breaks it down

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Cars have taken over our neighbourhoods. Kid-friendly superblocks are a way for residents to reclaim their streets

Author providedYou might remember your time as a child playing outdoors with friends and walking to school. These activities had tremendous benefits f...

Harry and Meghan "demoted" by Royal family in website

Harry and Meghan have been moved to the bottom of the Royal Family's website alongside the disgraced Prince Andrew. The Daily Mail reported links ...

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Aluminium has become one of the ultimate construction industry mainstays. This beautiful, sturdy material is the perfect harmony between enchanting style and trusty function, and for this it has long been a favourite in the building industry.

But applications for the material - including world class aluminium facades - continue to delight and inspire.

Here are three great ideas for this awesome building material:

  1. Renovations

The renovation game has seen some massive changes in recent years, and this is especially so when it comes to reinvigorating older buildings that could use a little something new.

This time-tested material is one of the very best options for doing just that. It can help redevelop the facades of older buildings and enhance their facades with near-endless possibilities, especially when you consider the custom-made designs that top fabricators can easily produce.

This material can give a building a new stability and style, as well as provide new buildings with a contemporary style that is unmatched by most other materials.

  1. Cladding

Cladding with this specific material can be divided into three parts: slabs, slats and sheets. These particular large-format elements, also known as the sheet metal, are perfect for creating a huge wealth of incredible designs, and can be applied to numerous different procedures that make them perforated, corrugated, wavy and other amazing patterns.

What’s more, the slats can be distinguished in the way they follow a building’s profile in a highly flexible manner. They can also have shapes containing reduced dimensions in width whilst they can extend to considerable lengths, thus extending and producing elongated strips which always add a unique personality to the building.

Such slabs are characterised by smaller dimensions and greater thickness. Regardless, all types of applications can contribute to a building’s design with various shapes and colours as the material is highly flexible and easy to fabricate.

  1. Curtain walls & customisation

This particular aluminium cladding provides architects the opportunity to produce incredible designs. Curtain walls are one of the most outstanding examples of the beauty of this material and how it can truly invigorate a building.

Continuous and lightweight, these stunning castings increase the commercial value of the project through its invigorated aesthetic, providing a unique style to what could otherwise be a rather dull building.

Such aluminium facades can be truly customised to the owner’s desire, whether it’s in regards to finish or to shape. The architect and owner then have plenty of space for colour options and style choices, which can create a perfectly harmonious design or a bit of incongruous flair.

What’s more, these stunning panels cast plays of shadow and light when applied to a new build, making buildings appear like sculptures when cut into small pieces and placed alongside one another like a geometric puzzle.

Anodised aluminium, coming in a range of colours, doesn’t even have to be square in shape, as you can easily obtain disks to design and build particular designs with an iridescent style.

The building’s front design also means conveying the embedded geometries of the design, which will then make it resistant to climatic extremes as well as being simply beautiful.

These are three very special ways in which this incredible material can be used to invigorate a space. Elegant and invigorating, their customisable style allows them to be fabricated in a way that is to the owner’s choosing, creating something that is unique to them and their project.

This, alongside its numerous other benefits, is why the fabrication style continues to mesmerise both the construction industry and those who come across its wonders.

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